Referral Program: Activate Rewards with Rebates

A rebate is a partial refund given to someone who has paid too much for tax, fees, etc. In the context of trading and finance, a rebate refers to a portion of trading fees that are returned to the trader.

VOOI referral programs offer exclusive rewards in the form of fee rebates, allowing you to earn back a portion of the trading fees you pay at VOOI. These programs are available to all users, whether you are an existing trader or new to our platform.

By participating in the VOOI referral programs, you can reduce your trading costs and benefit from the trading activities of your network.

How It Works

  1. Invite: Invite a friend or be invited to join the referral program.

  2. Activate: Once the invitation is activated, both you and your friend start receiving fee rebates.

All rebates are automatically applied to your collateral every day.

Reward Structure and Program Activation

The reward structure and steps for program activation are unique for each trading platform and are explained in corresponding documents. Referral programs are available for:

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