VOOI Unified Trading Terminal: Overview

The VOOI Unified Trading Terminal provides a comprehensive interface for trading across multiple perpetual decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and blockchain networks. This terminal is designed to facilitate a streamlined trading experience, enhancing the functionality available to traders within the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

  • The VOOI Unified Trading Terminal is available at app.vooi.io

  • Fee: VOOI charges a 0.055% (or 5.5 bps) fee for taker orders and a 0.025% (or 2.5 bps) fee for maker orders as position fees.

  • Referral Programs: Please don't miss referral programs! Details are available here: VOOI:referralProgram

Purpose of the Unified Trading Terminal

The Unified Trading Terminal serves several key purposes:

  • Consolidation: It centralizes access to multiple DEXs through a single interface, reducing the need to manage separate accounts or navigate different platforms.

  • Efficiency: Offers a consistent and reliable trading interface, improving transaction speed and reliability.

  • Simplicity: Lowers the barrier to entry for new traders by simplifying the interaction with complex DeFi environments.

  • Accessibility: Supports a broad array of networks, thereby enhancing trader access to a diverse range of DeFi markets.

Integration with Perpetual DEXs

The schedule for the integration of perpetual DEXs can be found here: VOOI:roadmap

The terminal will soon support trading on the following perpetual DEXs across various networks:

  • Orderly: Supported on Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and Polygon.

  • KiloEx: Supported on the BNB Chain and Manta.

  • GMX: Supported on Avalanche and Arbitrum.

These integrations are selected to offer comprehensive market access, providing users with diverse trading opportunities within the DeFi sector.

Initially, platforms listed above will be the first to be integrated, with plans to add more perpetual DEXs to the terminal in the future, continually expanding the range of options available to our users.

Supported Trading Functions

The Unified Trading Terminal enables traders to execute several types of trading operations, which are crucial for effective trading management. These functions include:

  • Market Orders: Allow traders to execute trades at the best available prices immediately.

  • Limit Orders: Enable setting trades to execute at predetermined price levels.

  • Portfolio Management: Provides tools for viewing and managing one’s portfolio, monitoring asset distribution and performance across various platforms in real-time.

  • Stop Loss Orders*: Facilitate the automation of selling a security when its price drops to a set level, to mitigate losses.

  • Take Profit Orders*: Allow traders to define a price at which to close a position to realize profits.

Stop Loss Orders* and Take Profit Orders* will become available later and only for those perpetual DEXs that support such features.

The implementation of these features is intended to optimize trading strategies and improve the management of trade positions and portfolio distributions.

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