Explore VOOI, a cross-chain perpetual DEX aggregator that enhances DeFi trading with simplified access, improved interoperability, and continuous innovation across multiple networks.

VOOI is an intent-based, cross-chain perpetual DEX aggregator that supports multiple EVM and non-EVM networks. It offers the flexibility to integrate additional networks as needed. VOOI facilitates leveraged trades on perpetual DEXs across supported networks, prioritizing trading efficiency and simplifying the management of gas expenses. Additionally, VOOI provides a unified interface for perpetual DEXs across supported chains.

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VOOI aims to refine the DeFi ecosystem by providing a platform that simplifies and secures trading activities. Our mission is to create a more accessible and navigable environment, enhancing security for all users. With VOOI, users retain complete control over their transactions, obtaining a balance of simplicity and robust functionality.


VOOI is committed to delivering a comprehensive trading solution within the DeFi sector, with clearly defined goals tailored to address the principal needs and surmount the prevalent challenges faced by DeFi traders:

  • Simplify Access to DeFi Trading: We are dedicated to making DeFi trading accessible to a broad audience. By developing a user interface that is both intuitive and functional, we aim to eliminate the barriers that typically deter novice and experienced traders alike, making it easier for everyone to engage with DeFi markets.

  • Integration and Interoperability: VOOI is designed to ensure seamless access across multiple blockchains and trading platforms. By supporting cross-chain operations, VOOI facilitates easier asset movement and enhances trading capabilities, thereby catering to a diverse range of market demands.

  • Continuous Innovation: At VOOI, we are constantly integrating new technologies and refining our strategies to maintain a leading edge in DeFi innovation. This ongoing evolution is crucial to meet the changing needs and expectations of our users, ensuring that our platform remains at the forefront of the DeFi industry.

VOOI's dedication to enhancing the DeFi trading experience ensures that the platform is not only secure and efficient but also user-friendly and accessible to traders of all skill levels. Details on how we plan to achieve these goals are outlined in VOOI:roadmap, which describes each phase of our implementation strategy.

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