Manual Trading vs. Automated Trading

Manual trading: This guide focuses on manual trading. Manual trading allows for intuitive decision-making, flexible strategy adjustments, a comprehensive understanding of market context, and personal engagement in the trading process. It's advisable to start trading manually to understand the trading process fully.

Automated trading: For those who are technically savvy, there is a guide on using signal bots for automated trading on Orderly: VOOI:signalBotGuide. Automated trading offers advantages such as speed, efficiency, emotionless decision-making, consistency, continuous market monitoring, and advanced data analysis.

How To Use VOOI: A Full Guide on Trading Terminal

Follow these steps to get started with the VOOI trading terminal:

Step 1. Connect your wallet

  • Select a compatible wallet and connect it to the VOOI trading terminal

Step 2: Select the trading platform

  • Select the trading platform and the blockchain network you want to trade on.

Step 3: Enable trading

  • Enable trading

  • Deposit funds for trading

Step 4: Start trading (open position)

  • Select an underlying token and specify leverage

  • Place an order to open a position

Step 5: Continue trading (settle PnL)

  • Settle PnL periodically to maintain your trading positions

Step 6: Close position

  • Place an order to close a position

  • Check pending orders and executed orders

Step 7: Stop trading

  • Place orders to close open positions

  • Settle PnL

  • Withdraw the collateral (partly or fully).

You place orders to open and close long and short positions:

Step 1. Connect your wallet

To connect your wallet:

  1. Navigate to VOOI Unified Trading Terminal at https://app.vooi.io/

Step 2: Select the trading platform

The VOOI unified trading terminal provides a web-based interface to interact with Orderly and KiloEx.

Orderly Perp DEX and KiloEx Perp DEX are decentralized exchanges (DEXs) designed for trading perpetual contracts.

Step 3: Enable trading

Orderly and KiloEx accepts collaterals in USDC.

To start trading:

*Orderly is used in this walkthrough guide

Step 4: Start trading (open position)

  1. You can create a list of your favorite underlying tokens by clicking on the star sign next to the token. These tokens will be available in the Favorites section.

  2. Decide which position to open: long or short. For more information on Long / Short positions, refer to VOOI:positionTypes

  3. Select the order type: Market / Limit / Stop Limit For more information on the order types, refer to VOOI:orderTypes

  4. Place your order:

    • Press the Buy button to open a long position.

    • Press the Sell button to open a short position. For more information on Long / Short positions, refer to VOOI:positionTypes

Step 5: Continue trading (settle PnL)

You can open as many positions as you want while trading within the deposited collateral limit. Additionally, you can settle PnL from time to time without closing your positions.

PnL (Profit and Loss) measures the financial performance of a trading position or portfolio over a specific period.

Settle PnL without closing a position means you can finalize and realize the profits or losses from the open position up to the current point, without closing it. This updates your account balance with the realized PnL, reflecting the current performance of your trade while keeping the position open for future gains or losses.

Step 6: Close position

To close a position, place an order to close the position:

  1. Identify the position you want to close.

Step 7: Stop trading

At some point, you may want to stop trading and withdraw your funds either fully or partially. Here are the steps to do so:

  • Withdraw Unused Assets: You can withdraw assets that are not engaged in trades at any time.

  • Withdraw All Funds: To withdraw all funds, close all open positions, cancel pending orders (if any) and withdraw funds from your trading account.

Withdrawal steps:

  1. Settle any unsettled PnL.

  2. Press the Withdraw funds button.

Video Instructions (Orderly)

Please watch this 2-minute and 40-second video to see how to connect wallet, enable trading on Orderly, deposit a collateral and open a position:

Important Chapters in the Video:

  • 0:00 - Intro

  • 0:20 - Connect Your Wallet

  • 0:27 - Enable Trading

  • 0:38 - Deposit Funds for Trading

  • 1:43 - Set The Max Leverage

  • 1:59 - Open Your Position

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