Automated Trading With Alertatron

Automated trading offers advantages such as speed, efficiency, emotionless decision-making, consistency, continuous market monitoring, and advanced data analysis.

This guide contains basic explanation of automated trading using signal bots and will help you set up automated trading using Alertatron's Signals Lite with VOOI and Orderly.

Developing a Trading Strategy

Before setting up a signal bot, it's crucial to develop a robust trading strategy. Here are the key steps to create an effective strategy:

Define Your Goals: Determine what you aim to achieve with automated trading, such as maximizing profits, minimizing risks, or exploiting arbitrage opportunities.

Select Indicators: Choose the technical indicators and signals that your bot will use to make trading decisions.

Set Entry and Exit Conditions: Specify the exact conditions under which the bot should open and close positions.

Risk Management: Develop rules for managing risk, such as setting stop-loss and take-profit levels, determining position sizes, and diversifying trades.


To start using signal bots for automated trading on Orderly via VOOI, please ensure that you have enabled trading and deposited funds for trading. It is advisable to start with a small amount to test the signal bot and your strategy.

To enable trading:

  1. Navigate to VOOI Unified Trading Terminal at https://app.vooi.io/

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Select Orderly as the trading platform.

  4. Enable trading and deposit funds for trading.

For more detailed instructions, please refer to VOOI:operationalGuidelines

Key Concepts

  • API Keys: Secure identifiers that grant access to your trading account.

  • Webhooks: URLs used to receive trading signals.

  • Signal Bots: Automated systems that execute trades based on received signals.

Signal bot automated trading system executes trades based on your specific criteria and strategies, enhancing efficiency and reducing the need for constant manual monitoring.

VOOI API Keys for Orderly

Important: Please do not share your API keys with anyone, keep them secret.

  1. Connect your wallet to the VOOI unified trading terminal at https://app.vooi.io/

Enabling Automated Trading via Alertatron's Signals Lite Bots

Step 1: Create an Automated Bot

  1. Click on the "create new automated bot" button.

  2. Set your access to private and click "Create bot".

Step 2: Add API Keys to Your Bot

Important: Please do not share your API keys with anyone, keep them secret.

To add API keys to your bot:

  1. Go to your Signals Lite bot page in Alertatron.

  2. Add your Account ID (starts with 0x...), Orderly API Key, and Orderly Secret Key.

Step 3: Set Up Trading Signals

Trading Signals are alerts triggered by predefined criteria in your trading strategy.

To set up a trading signal for your bot:

  1. Go to your Signals Lite bot page in Alertatron.

  2. Specify values and conditions for your signal, click "create signal".

You may need to set up a set of signals to open, reduce, close positions, etc., depending on your strategy.

Step 4: Test your signals

To test your signal:

  1. Go to your Signals Lite bot page in Alertatron.

  2. See how it works in the VOOI trading terminal at https://app.vooi.io/ (make sure your wallet is connected).

Step 5: Set up timers for your signals

Timers are used in automated trading to control the timing of specific actions, such as opening or closing trades. Timers allow traders to schedule trades at predetermined intervals or times, providing greater control over the execution of their strategies.

To set up a timer for a signal:

  1. Monitor the actions the VOOI trading terminal at https://app.vooi.io/ (your wallet should be connected), adjust setting of the signal and timer if needed.

Step 6: Go Live

Once testing is successful, activate your trading strategy. Regularly monitor the bot's performance and make necessary adjustments to optimize your strategy over time.

In Summary

  • Signal Bot's Role: It monitors market conditions and sends alerts when certain criteria are met.

  • Alertatron's Role: Receives these alerts and executes trades based on them.

  • Your Role: Configure the bot, set up signals, conditions, and timers, and ensure everything is connected correctly.

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