VOOI as an intent-based cross-chain perp DEX aggregator to trade seamlessly across supported networks with gasless feature enabled.

VOOI Perpetual DEX aggregator: Overview

VOOI as an intent-based, cross-chain perpetual DEX aggregator enables leveraged trades on perpetual DEXs across supported networks, focusing on trading efficiency and easing the management of gas expenses.

Operational Status: VOOI as an intent-based, cross-chain perpetual DEX aggregator with gasless functionality has already been deployed on the Mainnet in private beta.

The public availability schedule can be found here: VOOI:roadmap

VOOI as an intent-based, cross-chain perpetual DEX aggregator solves the following problems:

  • Integration and Interoperability: Ensure seamless access to multiple blockchains and trading platforms, offering a solution that supports cross-chain operations, simplifying asset movement and trading across diverse markets.

  • Gasless Trading Operations: Manage gas expenses for trading operations across supported chains.

  • Reduce Risks and Enhance Security: Develop and implement advanced security mechanisms to protect users and their assets from fraud, hacking, and other online threats.

VOOI Perpetual DEX aggregator: Key Features

Key Features Highlighted:

  1. Gasless Operations: The costs associated with depositing and withdrawing assets, opening, and closing positions are all covered by the funds allocated for transaction expenses by the user.

  2. Flexibility Across Networks: Users can inject additional assets or withdraw their free assets at any time on any supported network.

  3. No Asset Movement Between Networks: This accelerates transaction times, reduces risks, and simplifies the implementation and support of VOOI.

  4. Dynamic Network and Protocol Support: Understanding the ever-evolving landscape of DeFi, VOOI stands ready to incorporate new networks and trading protocols based on trader demand. This responsiveness not only ensures that VOOI remains at the forefront of DeFi innovation but also caters to the diverse and growing needs of the trading community.

Supported Perpetual DEXs

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